Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The War Began with Twitter

I would like to start off by saying that although there seems to be a burmuda triangle of intelligence in this school, there is a reason why witch rhymes with bitch.

Thank you to all of you crazy kids who have class with me in the library 5th hr. This is usually the result;

Monday, October 17, 2011

The beginning of a cute day

Its so fucking adorable I want to bounce around like a little girl and make silly three year old noises of joy

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Super size this

Im seriously concerned for whoever made this possible. This hot chocolate is way too big. I almost cant hold it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adventures I took part in while I was neglecting my poor blog...

It's been a very long time since I posted. (?) So i'm going to post some updates all together here along with some pictures.

Adventure 1

This is my brother Danny. We went to the library one day and seeing as he is strange like me, he was attempting to grab a book from the 4th shelf by launching himself by his arms off the floor. This didnt really go as planned because his push up style launching method caused him to land on his face repeatedly or on his arm as you can see from this picture. Now, my brother is extremely determined when he wants to be and he refused to stop until he got the book. He got it.

Adventure 2

My only 1st cousin was born. I dont know how much he weighed or what time exactly he was born, but I know he sleeps ridiculously well and loves listening to Vladimir Horrowitz with me. (Vladimir is a pianist for those of you who didnt know). He was a little jondice but he's better now. His name is Nikolai.

Adventure 3

I forced Danny to join the Mr. Relay contest in relay for life this year. He looked adorable with his tiara and pink purse. I walked around with him for support with my Marine Corps warrior stripes face paint. Frankly, we are amazing and so was relay.

Adventure 4

My sister had her birthday. We went to go see a movie, and though I dont remember what it was, I know it was cool. I got heather fingerpaints, window crayons, and a charm bracelet for her birthday.

I'm trying to watch a movie and write this post at the same time, so if it doesn't make much sense im sorry. I also realize there are going to be a LOT of typos. Forgive my distraction.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Zombie Ants

Being me, I dont worry about things like natural disasters. I worry about the bizarre things like being eaten by a cat or being rolled into traffic by my own shopping cart.

One of the things I thought I was prepared for was the Zombie Apocalypse.

I was wrong.

Scientists have found a fungus that turns ants into zombies in order to grow. See, I was prepared. I could handle zombie dogs, zombie people, zombie cats, even zombie hamsters. What I wasn't prepared for was zombie ants. Those little buggers would have been my downfall.

Thankfully, I caught this flaw in my zombie-fighting plan in time. Otherwise, it would have been very very bad.

zombie ants

You're welcome.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is why every day should be a half day.

Me; Hey Spicer!!!!!!

Spicer; Hhheeeeyyyyy

Me; Tired much? ( Bouncing up and down in my seat while drinking coffee and earning strange looks from Spicer)

Spicer; A little. Had enough coffee?

Me; Why? This is only my second mug. ( looking defensive while holding coffee mug to my chest)

Spicer; (head tilted slightly with eye brow raised) I think you have a problem.

Me; What problem?

Spicer; You drink too much caffeine.

Me; Nnnooooo. It's only too much when I pass out from a caffeine overdose and a sugar high. ( defiantly takes another sip of coffee.)

Spicer; Happened before?

Me; ...  (looking more defensive while finishing off my coffee)

At this point, one of my more hyper teachers walks into the room. It's friday, so naturally there is something up his sleeve.

Mr. K; WOO HOO!!!!! Friday!!! Happy half day, squirrel appreciation, koolaid party day!!!!!!!!

Class; (confused looks and many whispers regarding the koolaid party comment)


At this point, we started shuffling around the desks and making koolaid. Mr. K started up the karaoke machine and we made a giant circle with the desks. The koolaid was made, cups were passed around, and our party began.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Relay for life kickoff meeting

arrival time= 6pm

Separate lines (creative segregation?) for captain and co-captain check in.

Went in, mom was trying her best to figure things out. got signed in, went to the presentation room, sat in the right side of the left section in the very back row.

band playing. Appears to consist of 3 small boys and what I assume are two of their dads.

Mom got our supplies and became slightly more organized.

There were presents in our supply kit too. they were for captain and co-captain, so naturally, as co-captain, I got presents. hers was a waterbottle and mine was a clock.

behold the awesomeness.

Mom leaves to get cupcakes. (they are lined up in pretty little rows across like 6 tables.) Vanilla or chocolate? I have no idea. (and COFFEE??? these guys think of everything.)

Powerpoint with pictures is going on the presentation screen.
(mom returns)


This is fun. I'm probably going to be a 24 hr walker. slight chance of requiring major medical attention by the end of the night. Dying definitely an option.

Man started speaking. lots of laughter and clapping. what did i miss?

"Kelly" then starts speaking... I missed the joke AGAIN?????? WTF is camp catcha rainbow????????... points out the fact that people who are even remotely capable of answering questions are in red relay shirts.

There appears to be a test on birthday slogans. These are our choices;

1. Celebrate more birthdays
2. Happy birthday survivors
3. You bring the cake, i'll bring the keg

...I definitely think it's the third option but mom says that not relay appropriate and therefore simply CAN NOT be a relay birthday slogan. Dammit.

We are apparently lighting the entire track with illuminaria bags.

"Kelly" makes all the new-to-michigan team captains stand up. haha. Mom has on both a birthday sticker AND an uneasy smile.

"Kelly" switches with a different lady who is supposed to be telling us the rules. I can't really take her rules seriously though, because shes wearing new years glasses, a tiara that says happy birthday and a pink tutu that fails to even MATCH her blue crown and her silver glasses. Did I mention she is wearing pigtails? She looks like she 58. Newsflash, dont wear pigtails past 35. My mother did it at 35 and could pull it off but I have no idea if she should have.

Did I mention this lady openly admits to knowignly sleeping in someone elses trailer during relay? Oh and this relay has apparently had dumpster fire problems EVERY YEAR. There are a lot of rules about food that are too specific for me to even begin listing here. Mom says we are doing coffee.

There seems to be a problem with the presentation screen showing us that we will be participating in the worldslargest twister game.

Man next to us with his baby apparently has upsidedown issues. Um hello? You don't hold a baby that way. I am torn between teaching you how to properly hold a baby right in the middle of this meeting or taking away your man card.

There is a guy I recognize about two rows up. Did I mention this was a very small town? I'm trying to place him.

Holy shit they actually got my schools birthday crew to sing happy birthday. What. The. Hell.

I remembered two row up guy's name. Its mr story. Hes a teacher nextdoor to my english class. He has a habit of walking into my class every day and looking at my teacher like he expects her to not be there. I wonder if he tells stories a lot.

Apparently there are reasons we keep doing relay every year;

1. firemen leading the first lap
2. brushing your teeth on the track at three in the morning
3. you never know when you might see elvis.

Thank you relay people. This has officially been one of the oddest meetings I have ever been to.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My partially-motivational dares

Today is the start of the project. I will be trying to motivate myself to post more by daring myself to do things.


  - each sunday I will post a short story I have written. It may or may not include pictures and will most likely be very stupid. (for those of you who are deeply offended by my use of the word stupid, this blog is obviously not for you.)

Dare #2= ask my school counselor 100 questions by the end of my high school career.

  - I will bunch them together in groups of five along with his responses. (this way all you counselor-wisdom-loving people can enjoy my counselor's strange answers.)

Dare #3= Picture day

  - every once in a while, I will document an entire day of my life IN PICTURES and then post it here with very very short descriptions of who the hell are in the pictures and why the hell they're there.

NOTE; I will be adding more dares as I think of them and they will be listed in another post.


Monday, January 24, 2011

"You Speak."

     Today I opened up the wonderful blog from The Bloggess, and read something that truely touched me. A woman recently lost her husband when he had a psycotic breakdown, leaving her alone with two kids.

This is a speech she made at her husbands funeral;

Tony took care of everyone. All the time. He was so busy taking care of everyone else, he didn’t speak out when something was wrong.
And this is what you can do for me, for Tony, when you leave here today. All you men, you big men. When you walk away from here, you speak. If something is wrong, if something hurts, then you talk about. Tony was so busy taking care of everyone else, he didn’t care take of himself. So after this, you speak.

Just as the bloggess has done, i am going to do my best to spread Lori's message;


                                                            "You Speak."

to view lori's blog, you can go here;  http://www.rrsahm.com/