Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5 random things in my fridge

Well, today my post idea generator told me to write about  five things in my fridge.

(This would be a lot easier if I could see inside the containers)

First random item I pulled out of my fridge; Hershey chocolate syrup. What can I say? I love chocolate milk.

Second we have...

oh dear...

...a half-used bottle of a1 sauce that expired a year ago...

What?!? Stop shaking your head so disapprovingly! When I stopped putting it on my steamed broccoli, I no longer had a use for it! Ok?

Third item; mustard.

A great yellow substance that can be used on burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, cornedbeef, potatosalad....ok you get the picture. I use mustard A LOT.
moving on...

Fourth! We have a container full of homemade mac n cheese. Yum.

Lastly; a cucumber! Uses; (stop giggling. There are things other than cucumbers for that.) you can put them in salads, make cucumber sandwhiches, eat them plain, etc.

Well I think I need a new idea generator...


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