Saturday, December 4, 2010

The concept of "sharing"

   Isn't sharing supposed to be willingly letting someone use something instead of keeping it all to yourself? Because that is so no how it usually goes down.

1. The "Want" stage

you decide you must have something someone else has.

2. the pretending stage.

you know, the one where you pretend to ask nicely just so that if your parets come and ask, you can say you didn't skip right to yelling.

then they refuse to share. but you were expecting this.

you had it all planned from the beginning. you will have the object in question no matter what it takes. there is no other option. the toy is YOURS.

3. the yelling stage

the trouble is, now comes

4. the intervention stage.

that one where the parents have finally realized something is going on and they are coming to intervene and get to the bottom of things.

they join in and do some yelling of their own. All you can do at this point, is plead your case and hope they let you win.

4. the selfish stage

you do everything you can to make the other person look selfish, because maybe, just maybe, you can guilt them into taking the toy from the other person and giving it to you. you already have your "asked nicely" defense.

they lecture on how sharing is good for you and how it makes you a better person. you  shouldn't be aloud to have anything if you are fighting over it.

5. the no one gets it stage

"you might get this back if you can learn to share it." yeah right. we are never getting that toy back. At least, at this point, you have the satisfaction of knowing that even though you dont have the toy, THE OTHER PERSON DOESN'T EITHER!!

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