Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ghosts and how they affected my childhood

   I would like to star off by pointing out that YES there are ghosts, and NO they don't chase after you. You are lucky if they talk to you.

   Since I was little, I have been able to "speak" to "ghosts". At first, this greatly disturbed my mother. I would be talking to something she couldn't hear or see, and she would assume I had made an immaginary friend. Then she would ask me "who are you talking to sweetheart?" I would typically reply with "the dead man". As you can imagine, my mother had a total meltdown and sent me to shrinks as she was afraid for my mental health.

   This is the part where my amazing shrink (Dr. No-name) (he never told me his name) assures my mother that I am either going through a "stage" or just a freak.

That totally reassured her.

I am now accompanied by both my grandfathers and a little girl named Rue. So, if you read posts about them, don't worry, they aren't figments of my immagination and they wont hurt you. They just happen to be dead.


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