Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fraggle rock and its immortality in telivision

There are some shows who never die.


They start out with great ideas, sometimes become old, but if someone likes it...


It will just live on.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread house day

It's going to be a great day! Mom baked gingerbread for houses, and Bee and I are going to make ours together. It's going to be the starngest, most delicious gingerbread house EVER!

This is the first time Bee and I have ever made a gingerbread house, not to mention the first time mom baked gingerbread in 20 years.

...Maybe this won't be quite what we planned...


No i'm sure it will be fine...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5 random things in my fridge

Well, today my post idea generator told me to write about  five things in my fridge.

(This would be a lot easier if I could see inside the containers)

First random item I pulled out of my fridge; Hershey chocolate syrup. What can I say? I love chocolate milk.

Second we have...

oh dear...

...a half-used bottle of a1 sauce that expired a year ago...

What?!? Stop shaking your head so disapprovingly! When I stopped putting it on my steamed broccoli, I no longer had a use for it! Ok?

Third item; mustard.

A great yellow substance that can be used on burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, cornedbeef, potatosalad....ok you get the picture. I use mustard A LOT.
moving on...

Fourth! We have a container full of homemade mac n cheese. Yum.

Lastly; a cucumber! Uses; (stop giggling. There are things other than cucumbers for that.) you can put them in salads, make cucumber sandwhiches, eat them plain, etc.

Well I think I need a new idea generator...


Monday, December 20, 2010

Treats gone wrong? Maybe just strange...

   We all know how it goes. A week or two before christmas, you decide to make treats. They are cute, require patience, and sometimes go horribly wrong.

decapitated snowmen, anyone?

I don't know... that one on the left looks kinda evil...

Sometimes you get funny treats like this;

Do you ever get tired of those same old gingerbread men?

presenting; the ninjabread men!

The obvious answer to your lame gingerbread men problem.

This one is just in here because i like how one of the people has antennas. ;

You know, i'n not really sure what this one is...

or this one...

But hey! Whatever floats your creepy-snack-craving boat.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Triple Christmas

     Michigan! Land of "oh shit it's cold outside." Where if you are brave enough to look out your window, you will instantly become snow-claustraphobic.
    One of my grandmas lives in Arizona. The hottest place I have ever lived in. The other lives in hawaii. As it is really hard to get together for christmas due to distance, my mother came up with a solution...

Triple Christmas.

   We have three christmasses this year. The first is with my Gran from Arizona two weeks before actual christmas. The second is with my gran from hawaii a week before christmas. The third is real christmas.

   This system results in both lots of presents, and lots of stress. I, having the biggest bed other than my parents, gets moved into the basement on the futon. So for two weeks I am kicked out of my own room and ignored except for exchanging presents.

Oh joy.


It's legit. The conditional statement dance.

   Brought to you by both my geometry teacher and my entire first period.

You see, we aren't so good with memory, so my teacher came up with a dance to help us remember everything from a particular chapter in our book.

-conditional statement

   There is a motion for each statement, and it goes along with the macarena song. goes like this...


Why I don't do homework

   There are some days when you get homework in german class. It's not easy, it's not short, and you have to pay even more attention so you don't do the wrong assignment. This is the story of when I gave in to praise and actually did homework.

   It was a great day. I was on a roll. Nothing was going to bring me down. Nothing. I simply wouldn't let it. I had my shields up and glowing. Nothing bad was going to touch me. Not rabid squirrells, not angry old men, nothing.

   Then came German.

   A normaly fun and sometimes crazy class where the only bed thing is homework.

   In case you haven't grasped this yet, I don't do homework. Ever. People complain to me because of it, but I still pass all of my classes with a C or higher. Usually higher.
   My german teacher is off his rocker. So far off, in fact, he's on the floor twenty feet away from it. He can never stick to a plan, loves to make up songs with no reasoning behind them, and is constantly changing his mind about things.
   The only thing he never changes are the already written homework assignments on the board.

   I was in such a good mood, I did the homework as I was waiting for class to start. I was so amazed at myself. I had done homework! BEFORE I EVEN GOT HOME!!! my ego was huge.

and then it happened...


I got so mad, I sat in my chair glaring at him, refusing to work anymore for the entire class peiod.

   My great mood had been shattered. I would never do homework again. I would never let him mess with my greatness.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ghosts and how they affected my childhood

   I would like to star off by pointing out that YES there are ghosts, and NO they don't chase after you. You are lucky if they talk to you.

   Since I was little, I have been able to "speak" to "ghosts". At first, this greatly disturbed my mother. I would be talking to something she couldn't hear or see, and she would assume I had made an immaginary friend. Then she would ask me "who are you talking to sweetheart?" I would typically reply with "the dead man". As you can imagine, my mother had a total meltdown and sent me to shrinks as she was afraid for my mental health.

   This is the part where my amazing shrink (Dr. No-name) (he never told me his name) assures my mother that I am either going through a "stage" or just a freak.

That totally reassured her.

I am now accompanied by both my grandfathers and a little girl named Rue. So, if you read posts about them, don't worry, they aren't figments of my immagination and they wont hurt you. They just happen to be dead.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

The concept of "sharing"

   Isn't sharing supposed to be willingly letting someone use something instead of keeping it all to yourself? Because that is so no how it usually goes down.

1. The "Want" stage

you decide you must have something someone else has.

2. the pretending stage.

you know, the one where you pretend to ask nicely just so that if your parets come and ask, you can say you didn't skip right to yelling.

then they refuse to share. but you were expecting this.

you had it all planned from the beginning. you will have the object in question no matter what it takes. there is no other option. the toy is YOURS.

3. the yelling stage

the trouble is, now comes

4. the intervention stage.

that one where the parents have finally realized something is going on and they are coming to intervene and get to the bottom of things.

they join in and do some yelling of their own. All you can do at this point, is plead your case and hope they let you win.

4. the selfish stage

you do everything you can to make the other person look selfish, because maybe, just maybe, you can guilt them into taking the toy from the other person and giving it to you. you already have your "asked nicely" defense.

they lecture on how sharing is good for you and how it makes you a better person. you  shouldn't be aloud to have anything if you are fighting over it.

5. the no one gets it stage

"you might get this back if you can learn to share it." yeah right. we are never getting that toy back. At least, at this point, you have the satisfaction of knowing that even though you dont have the toy, THE OTHER PERSON DOESN'T EITHER!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Adding pictures to my posts

   today I decided that my blog would be more entertaining if I added pictures to my posts.

Naturally I had a little bit of procrastination working against me. I simply could not even think any more about my posts until I had a snack.

So naturally, I spent a good ten minutes just deciding what kind of food I needed.

   I needed something that was simple, quick, and was actually good for me. A simple oreo just wasn't going to do it.

I had a bit of uncertainty. Could I really pass up something yummy like oreos?

   But in the end it seemed I WAS capable of making a "healthy" choice. Of course, a certain excitement ensued and I congratulated myself on a job well done. Back to posting.

I went to my computer, logged on and began posting about my own post. It was a great accomplishment when I hit the Post button and finished my first ever post with pictures.

list of things to do while suffering from insomnia

1. Read a book. If your world sucks enough, the book just might be better.

2. Watch tv. If you put on something so utterly boring that they actually put it on in the middle of the night, it might just be boring enough to put you back to sleep.

3. Cook something. As long as it is simple and not likely to be fucked up by a sleepdeprived zombie, it should be ok.

4. Text every single person in your contacts just to see if you get a reply. If you do, youre welcome. You just made a new insomniac friend.

5. Check the weather about 5 different times and then plan out your outfit for the day.

6. Google something completely random. There is never too much googling.

7. take out every single pair of clean socks you own, and if they are colored, replace them in the drawer in rainbow order.

8. Make sockpuppets. (You didnt think I was going to leave out the white socks did you?)

9. Design a comic strip. Chances are. It will be so weird that newspapers might actually print it just to share the oddness.

10. See how many times you can open and close the frige before your arm gets tired. Then the next time you are awake, try it again and see if you got stronger.

To answer your questions;

-yes i am an insomniac
-yes i have done all of the things on this list
-no i will not ever go for a walk in the pooring rain unless i have both a raincoat and an umbrella.
-yes i am writting this blog while sitting around not sleeping at three am.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tropical candles are the best christmas presents for grandmas.

Tropical escape?

When confronted with the impossible question of what candle to light when friends are coming over, DON’T PUT OUT ONE CALLED TROPICAL ESCAPE!

   Im serious. It totally smells like old ladies.

This is how I know;

Mom; go over to the shelf and read me the names of the candles so I can decide which one I want to light.

Me; vanilla…birthday cake…Christmas…cranberry…tropical paradise…

Mom; does the tropical one smell good? It sounds yummy.

   Of course, it is a bad plan to refuse mother, so I had to smell the candle.

Mom; so?

  Me; dead

 I had laid down on the floor, arms at weird angles, and stuck my tongue out like a dead dog.


Me; old ladies!!!!

Mom; really? Ok so not that one. Maybe we should give that one to grandma…

   By this point, I was rolling around on the floor with the old lady candle in my hand with a weird look on my face.

Mom; ya. Christmas present for grandma.

Candle dead fit over;

Me; Katherine!!!!!

…footsteps down the stairs…

Katherine; what do you want? And why are you on the floor?

Me; don’t talk to me that way. I’m older than you.

Katherine; whatever. Why did you call me?


  She looks at me like I’ve lost my mind, picks up the candle, and looks at my giant crazed smile again.

Katherine; im not sure if I want to smell this…


   She pulls the top off, looks at me yet again, and smells the candle.

Katherine; that’s gross.


   I start laughing hysterically and rolling again.

Katherine; you are so weird.

   She walks away and doesn’t talk to me again for another hour.

Me; Tami!!!!!!!


Mr german angry pants

Mr. german angry pants

Ok, so Im sitting here, listening to music, (“rammstein” of course.) and the girls come down to listen too.

Katherine; what is this? It sounds like an angry Russian guy.

Tami; Is it even English?

Me; no. its german. The artist is rammstein.

   I was attempting to further expand their taste in music so that I wouldn’t have to listen to Coldplay all day. It didn’t go so well…

Katherine; you have weird taste in music.

Tami; Mr german guy sounds angry.

Katherine; is all german music this angry?

Me; no its not! Its not my fault you don’t know the words and cant nderstand.

Katherine; whatever ms. Angry.

Tami; Its mr german angry pants!!!!!

Me; you two are so ridiculous.