Sunday, December 19, 2010

Triple Christmas

     Michigan! Land of "oh shit it's cold outside." Where if you are brave enough to look out your window, you will instantly become snow-claustraphobic.
    One of my grandmas lives in Arizona. The hottest place I have ever lived in. The other lives in hawaii. As it is really hard to get together for christmas due to distance, my mother came up with a solution...

Triple Christmas.

   We have three christmasses this year. The first is with my Gran from Arizona two weeks before actual christmas. The second is with my gran from hawaii a week before christmas. The third is real christmas.

   This system results in both lots of presents, and lots of stress. I, having the biggest bed other than my parents, gets moved into the basement on the futon. So for two weeks I am kicked out of my own room and ignored except for exchanging presents.

Oh joy.


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