Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mr german angry pants

Mr. german angry pants

Ok, so Im sitting here, listening to music, (“rammstein” of course.) and the girls come down to listen too.

Katherine; what is this? It sounds like an angry Russian guy.

Tami; Is it even English?

Me; no. its german. The artist is rammstein.

   I was attempting to further expand their taste in music so that I wouldn’t have to listen to Coldplay all day. It didn’t go so well…

Katherine; you have weird taste in music.

Tami; Mr german guy sounds angry.

Katherine; is all german music this angry?

Me; no its not! Its not my fault you don’t know the words and cant nderstand.

Katherine; whatever ms. Angry.

Tami; Its mr german angry pants!!!!!

Me; you two are so ridiculous.

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