Thursday, November 25, 2010

list of things to do while suffering from insomnia

1. Read a book. If your world sucks enough, the book just might be better.

2. Watch tv. If you put on something so utterly boring that they actually put it on in the middle of the night, it might just be boring enough to put you back to sleep.

3. Cook something. As long as it is simple and not likely to be fucked up by a sleepdeprived zombie, it should be ok.

4. Text every single person in your contacts just to see if you get a reply. If you do, youre welcome. You just made a new insomniac friend.

5. Check the weather about 5 different times and then plan out your outfit for the day.

6. Google something completely random. There is never too much googling.

7. take out every single pair of clean socks you own, and if they are colored, replace them in the drawer in rainbow order.

8. Make sockpuppets. (You didnt think I was going to leave out the white socks did you?)

9. Design a comic strip. Chances are. It will be so weird that newspapers might actually print it just to share the oddness.

10. See how many times you can open and close the frige before your arm gets tired. Then the next time you are awake, try it again and see if you got stronger.

To answer your questions;

-yes i am an insomniac
-yes i have done all of the things on this list
-no i will not ever go for a walk in the pooring rain unless i have both a raincoat and an umbrella.
-yes i am writting this blog while sitting around not sleeping at three am.
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