Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adventures I took part in while I was neglecting my poor blog...

It's been a very long time since I posted. (?) So i'm going to post some updates all together here along with some pictures.

Adventure 1

This is my brother Danny. We went to the library one day and seeing as he is strange like me, he was attempting to grab a book from the 4th shelf by launching himself by his arms off the floor. This didnt really go as planned because his push up style launching method caused him to land on his face repeatedly or on his arm as you can see from this picture. Now, my brother is extremely determined when he wants to be and he refused to stop until he got the book. He got it.

Adventure 2

My only 1st cousin was born. I dont know how much he weighed or what time exactly he was born, but I know he sleeps ridiculously well and loves listening to Vladimir Horrowitz with me. (Vladimir is a pianist for those of you who didnt know). He was a little jondice but he's better now. His name is Nikolai.

Adventure 3

I forced Danny to join the Mr. Relay contest in relay for life this year. He looked adorable with his tiara and pink purse. I walked around with him for support with my Marine Corps warrior stripes face paint. Frankly, we are amazing and so was relay.

Adventure 4

My sister had her birthday. We went to go see a movie, and though I dont remember what it was, I know it was cool. I got heather fingerpaints, window crayons, and a charm bracelet for her birthday.

I'm trying to watch a movie and write this post at the same time, so if it doesn't make much sense im sorry. I also realize there are going to be a LOT of typos. Forgive my distraction.

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