Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My partially-motivational dares

Today is the start of the project. I will be trying to motivate myself to post more by daring myself to do things.


  - each sunday I will post a short story I have written. It may or may not include pictures and will most likely be very stupid. (for those of you who are deeply offended by my use of the word stupid, this blog is obviously not for you.)

Dare #2= ask my school counselor 100 questions by the end of my high school career.

  - I will bunch them together in groups of five along with his responses. (this way all you counselor-wisdom-loving people can enjoy my counselor's strange answers.)

Dare #3= Picture day

  - every once in a while, I will document an entire day of my life IN PICTURES and then post it here with very very short descriptions of who the hell are in the pictures and why the hell they're there.

NOTE; I will be adding more dares as I think of them and they will be listed in another post.


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